You could be receiving your pizza delivery in a less conventional way soon. That is if you live in New Zealand near a Domino’s Pizza. Just recently, Domino’s showed off their ability to deliver a pizza via drone.

“It doesn’t add up to deliver a two kilogram package in a two-ton vehicle,” says a general manager for Domino’s Pizza. This chain of Domino’s Pizza is separate from those in the United States. The reasoning behind using the drone in that of Auckland would be the amount of traffic they have. In order to deliver a pizza quickly the sky was an obvious choice.

If you are a user of the Domino’s app and would like a delivery by drone you will receive a notification as to when the pizza delivery drone is coming up on your location.  This is when you will push a button on your phone so that the drone will release the pizza from a long rope. After the pizza is released the drone fly’s back to its home Domino’s base.

If you want to test out this technology yourself there may be an additional charge to start. Domino’s hopes to deliver pizza like this in the future at no additional cost.

With testing to actual customers beginning on September 26th in Auckland Domino’s hopes to work with local officials who limit the use of the drone to the field of view of its operator.

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